Thursday, November 1, 2007

about two major dreamers....

kalaipani started of like a every other movie, kaalaipani was just a bit of inspiration from a expression of a artist. started in nov 06.. kalaipani's technicians,all fresh faces struggled a way to the industry.


a visual communication graduate from loyola arts and science college. full of creativity and life. rajesh is basically a designer. his designs are of the highest quality and of basics rules. as a person rajesh is a amazing. he loves to socialize hence into media.
previously rajesh had released a album with SAREGAMA HMV..named "SHE 16".
the music was by sathish ramalingam.

kalaipani was a challenge to win and audio launch had brought rajesh closer to it. anxiously waiting for the release is not just the audience but also the crew to see this dream win.

a very fun loving,charming and enthusiastic person. his looks had made many girls run behind him also earned him a major role in the movie. a 25 year old into the industry with she 16 as the biggest project before kaalaipani.
sathish and rajesh were school mates,who dreamt of forming a music band and hence sathish went for guitar classes and rajesh for keyboard.
kaalaipani is not just a movie..its their dream larger than life.

Friday, October 26, 2007

a review

Kaalaipani-the clash of destinations, is the newest of the movies to hit the theatres very soon. The audio launch of the movie took place on 24th of august in GRT grand days.

The crew is a fresh team including the director Rajesh Selva. Basically being a designer, photographer and musician, Rajesh holds a degree of M.Sc in visual communication from Loyola College.

The audio launch of “kaalaipani” was witnessed by some of the maestros of the Tamil cine industry like sri. M.S.Vishwanathan, Mr. Rama narayanan, Mr. R.B. chowdary, playback singer Ms Malathy and many more celebs from the industry. The function was also blessed by the presence of swamiji. The impartial speech by the guests lifted the hearts of the crew members.

The only star cast being Mr. Nasser who happens to be one of the most polished artists in the industry, ”kaalaipani” does show some commitment to the audience.

The hero, popularly known as J.J is a fresh face so is the heroine Vasundhara, though she had been starred against ‘Aarya’ in Vattram, this is her debut as heroine.

Music is by sathish Ramalingam, who again is doing his debut through “kaalaipani”. Rajesh & sathish had already worked together in SHE16 (Tamil pop album) produced by designs’elva; Rajesh’s production house.”It was our dream project” says Rajesh. Sathish and Rajesh are childhood friends and their endless efforts and hard work had brought them here says music director Sathish ramalingam. The journey does not end here. After the success of SHE 16 they make a comeback with their second Tamil pop album “chinna chinna sinnungal”

“Kaalaipani” seems to have promised viewers a good music coupled with a good lyrics by Mr. Pa. Vijay national award winner, who also had written the dialogues for the movie. It’s his debut as a dialogue writer too. Having too many expectations from a completely ravishing team like this is obvious.

Cinematographed by Mr. Gopi jagadeeshwaran, who had assisted Mr. Balasubramanieum. With hands on experience in the field, he sure looks a promising cinematographer. Edited by Sudhakar who happens to be fresh talent again. “Kaalaipani” promise us too much of freshness just like its name with all the fresh talents handpicked and put together in this project.

Producer Mr. K.A.Nethaji balu (PASUMPON Productions) seems to be delighted with the teams efforts that he had offered him and his entire crew to work for his next project too. “This team is talented and shows 100% commitment towards work, and they are professional to the core” says the producer.

On the contrary Rajesh is not tired singing praises of the producer. He says” our producer is our moral support, he always bucked us up”. Looks like he also had done a small role in the movie. With so much to come “kaalaipani” had silently come to the public with its music. Containing 6 songs, 4 of them being melodies.

Everyone awaits the release to speak more about this movie which had already promised listeners with a good music.